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Forlani&Co provides legal advice and assistance in favor of companies involved in business in Italy.

Debt collection is a crucial and essential activity for any business party, and it is one of the field we deal with. Italian and foreign companies with the need to recover credits can rely on the experience and skills of the professionals who work with passion and with a view to always better protect their clients. Forlani&Co assists its clients from the first steps, trying to reach a positive outcome by extrajudicial means and thus allowing to save costs and time.

If the debtor unfortunately refuses to pay and in any case it is impossible to reach an agreement, Forlani&Co professionals will take legal action after evaluations and considerations of all kinds (in particular, it will be carried out a solvency check of the debtor, to understand whether or not he is able to fulfil his duties).

The skills and knowledge Forlani&Co acquired in labour law matters allow to protect our clients, both Italian and foreign, in the several and different relationships they can have at work. We support the clients in the crucial phases of hiring and dismissal (both individual and collective), as well as all the aspects concerning the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements.

The high experience Forlani&Co gained in privacy/data security allows the law firm to provide a day to day assistance in this field, also and above all in ensuring safety in working relationships.

Forlani&Co also provides assistance in drafting and negotiating commercial agreements. The following are some of the contracts in which the firm has gained significant experience:

  • Agency contracts
  • Distribution contracts
  • Franchising contracts
  • Sale and purchase contracts
  • Supply contracts
  • Letters of intent
  • Memorandums of understanding
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Non competition agreements
  • Joint Venture
  • The process of buying or selling a small business

Joint venture agreements are nowadays one of the most interesting tools available to companies to create international collaborations and thus expand their market. Thanks to our experience in this field and in commercial dynamics, we offer high quality service for Italian and foreign companies with the common objective of economic growth through the sharing of costs, risks and know-how. As well as for the other areas of our greatest interest, Forlani&Co’s supports his clients from the initial stages of searching for potential partners and starting negotiations, to then arrive at the salient stages of finalizing the agreement through a contract or through the creation of a new company.


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