About us

Forlani & Co is an experienced and indipendent Italian Law Firm specialized, inter alia, in serving the needs of foreign Clients, whether they be Private Individuals requiring legal services in Italy or Companies needing assistance in managing their existing overseas business activities or looking to invest in Italy for the first time, either directly or via EU investment funding. Our professionals deal with a number of different practice areas, such as:

  • Litigation
  • Personale injuries
  • Property law
  • Debt recovery
  • Labour law
  • Contract and business law
  • Compliance withe GDPR (EU Regulation 2016/679)
  • Facilitated financing (grantes, loans, etc.)

Given its team of knowledgeable in-house lawyers and its long-standing relationships with an extensive range of professionals including notaries, accountants and tax advisors, the law firm is able to efficiently handle all matters of private and corporate law, effectively acting as a one-stop-shop for its overseas clients.

Forlani & Co guarantees each client prompt individual attention, tailored professional services, transparent quotations and its own dedicated English-speaking referent within the law firm. Indeed, thanks to the extensive overseas experience of its lawyers, the law firm is able to offer all of its legal services directly in English, thus doing away with the need for potentially costly external translations of documents.


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