About Us

Founded in 2005, Forlani&Co is a small business law firm, specialized in international commercial law and corporate law, as well as in the activation of public grants and financial incentives for enterprises.

After having attended a master's degree (LLM) in Corporate Finance Law at the Westminster …

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The Firm- as well as providing advice and assistance in different areas of Italian law ( including commercial, civil , corporate, employment and litigation ) - specializes in international law , providing enterprises with tools to face most efficiently …

In this context , the main services provided by the Firm concern international contracts, joint ventures ...

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With a success rate higher than 90%, Forlani&Co. is considered a leader in the activation of financial instruments (unrecoverable grants, facilitation finance, tax credit etc.) managed by different entities including the European Commission ....

The new opportunities offered by European structural funds, the need for a preliminary ...

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Because Legal & Finance matter ... -


The number of Start-up which benefits of our services

3,5 millions

The value of Rasana ltd arbitration

Over 10 millions

The amount of EU and national funds activated


The highest value of financial contributions granted in favor of a single investment

1 million

The average value of contracts we deal with on a daily base

Over 90%

The success rate of our applications for public incentive activation